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Last week we saw once again how divided America is. Although throngs of people converged on Washington to witness Donald Trump’s inauguration (the size of the crowd eliciting its own controversy), large demonstrations followed the inauguration. It was estimated that hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in Washington, New York, Chicago, and other cities. Demonstrations also took place in over 600 cities around the world. Behind the anxiety is distrust of the new administration and fear of how unknown policies will affect trade, human rights, the economy, immigration, and other matters. On the other hand, many Americans are happy to see change taking place.



The psalmist draws a picture of unity when he speaks of creation’s praise for God. Not only the created “things,” but humans of every age and classification, join in this undivided praise of God. The reason behind this outpouring of adulation is that God is consistently good in his governing of the universe. We may safely trust both his wisdom and his power, something we can never be sure of regarding any human authority figure or force.


  1. What do you think is the most significant reason for the strong reactions in so many places against the inauguration of President Trump?
  2. Do you think the psalmist overstates the case for all of creation offering undivided praise to God? Why or why not?
  3. How would you answer people who contend that God isn’t good and offer examples of what they think proves it?
  4. How do you make sure that you are consistently praising God?


—Charles R. Boatman

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