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Many childless couples have been enabled to have a family by fertility therapy. This process uses donated sperm or eggs and implants an embryo in a woman. Last week’s news raised a question about fertility therapy. DNA testing has revealed that 54 people who are now between 1 and 21 years of age are all related, having the same father—Donor #2757. One of them, Kianna Arroyo, is on a quest to contact her half-siblings in this artificial family. She says, “We have a connection, [but] it’s hard to explain.” It is hard to explain, since shared DNA is the only connection any of them have with one another.


When Eve was created, God began the process of bringing families into the world naturally. He told the first couple to “be fruitful and multiply,” and they followed the divine instructions. We have done so ever since. But the 20th century added new means to create families artificially. To be sure, not all natural families are pictures of familial bliss. Adam and Eve’s family certainly wasn’t. But Christians are challenged to strive for God’s ideal in family life.

  1. Is the process of fertility therapy in keeping with God’s intent? Why or why not? What limitations, if any, should be placed on the process?
  2. Do you believe that adoption is a better way to create a family than fertility therapy? Why or why not?
  3. What makes a family? Is it common DNA or some other factor or a combination of both?
  4. What was God’s purpose in creating the family? What can the church do to help families of every kind to fulfill God’s purpose?
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