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What people are saying about Standard Lesson Commentary®:

“This is an exquisitely excellent resource . . . Glory to God!!!”

“As a child, my Sunday school books were from Standard. It was easy to see that teachers benefitted from using quality and accurate Biblical supplies. As an Adult Sunday school teacher, I appreciate the materials even more now.”

“I have used your material to teach children and adults for 48 years. The students like the teaching. The material makes me look good (like I know what I’m doing). Thanks!”

“I simply enjoy my SLC. I buy one every year and I also purchase one for my mother. My husband often asks me to let him borrow my SLC so he can better understand his Sunday school lesson. Thank you very much!”

What people are saying about Standard Lesson Quarterly®:

“I appreciate the thematic organization of the lessons which tell a story which connects our modern day lives to those who went before us in Bible times. I believe this strengthens our connection to the Kingdom of God.”

“Thanks for well-thought, quality studies!”

“The teacher’s copy is very thorough. I can use it as is or look up Scriptures listed to delve into certain parts in more detail or more background. It makes teaching the class much easier! Thanks!”

“I’ve just started using the “In the World” online help. Anything that will bring what we’re studying into a relevant “today” situation is good! The writer of the lessons does this very well also.”

“I have been teaching since 1966. I have taught all ages. Your materials are the best.”