Standard Lesson Resources®

Whether you use Standard Lesson Commentary® or Standard Lesson Quarterly®, you’ll find a wealth of additional helps in the Standard Lesson Resources® line. These printed and digital products provide the most comprehensive resources for teaching the ISSL/Uniform Series available anywhere!

Adult Resources

This pack provides 12 full-color posters to illustrate the lesson each week. They include a map and/or chart for the quarter plus a variety of colorful images—including photography, Bible art, calligraphy, and more—to engage the visual learners in every class. Also included is a Presentation Tools CD that includes digital images of all the printed posters, a PowerPoint® presentation for each lesson, and a printable activity page—available in KJV or NIV®—for each lesson.


Reflect on the theme and meaning of each Sunday’s lesson outside of the classroom. Devotions® supplements the daily Bible readings recommended in the Standard Lesson Commentary and the Standard Lesson Quarterly with practical devotional thoughts that will challenge you to experience personal growth in Christ. These devotions can be used with your spouse, family, small group, or by yourself in your quiet time with God. Correlated with each Sunday’s lesson, you’ll find:

  • A Scripture reference for the day’s Bible reading
  • A Scripture verse for memorization
  • A song suggestion to assist in praise and worship
  • An inspiring, thought-provoking meditation
  • A prayer thought to focus your heart and mind on communication with God

Available in pocket-size and large print editions.

In the World

Connect the timeless truth with today’s news. This free online feature is new every week. It draws from a current event—something your students are probably talking about that very week—and helps you use it to illustrate the lesson theme. It includes a brief summary of the news story, a thoughtful commentary relating the news to the lesson, and discussion questions.

Activity Pages

The free Activity pages (available in KJV and NIV® ) will engage your students in the Involvement Learning plan suggested in the Standard Lesson Commentary and Standard Lesson Quarterly teacher books. One page for every lesson throughout the year!

Standard Lesson PowerPoint®

The PowerPoint slideshow that goes with each week’s lesson is available as an easy download. Please make sure to check the description on the product page to confirm you are downloading the correct week. Purchase this week’s PowerPoint here.

The PowerPoint slideshow for each week’s lesson is also available as part of the Adult Resources packet.