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Last Sunday, taking a knee during the national anthem to protest perceived racial injustice grew into a massive movement. President Trump entered the debate via social media, condemning players who refused to stand for the anthem. Two teams, the Titans and Seahawks refused to go on the field until after the anthem was sung. When a third team, the Steelers, boycotted the anthem, one player broke with his teammates. Alejandro Villanueva, an Afghanistan war vet, took to the field alone. Other NFL players and some team owners condemned the president’s words. Soon the controversy spilled over into other sports.


God’s repeating His covenant promises to Abram of innumerable descendants and a land in which they would dwell stressed His faithfulness. The divine covenant demonstrated a significant difference between God’s promises and human contracts. Not all human contracts, such as a government’s promise of justice for all citizens, are kept perfectly. The covenant to Abram, in contrast, would be kept by God for centuries—throughout all Old Testament history and beyond.

  1. Is boycotting the national anthem an effective way to protest perceived injustice? Why or why not? What alternative(s) do you believe would be more effective?
  2. The protests suggest that the U.S. government has failed to live up to its promises to provide universal justice. What evidence is cited that this social covenant has been broken?
  3. Abram was concerned that God had not yet kept his promise to give Abram descendants. Have you ever experienced what seemed like excessive delays in God’s response to your requests? Explain.
  4. How does God’s faithfulness in keeping His covenant with Abram give you a special reason for hope? Explain.

—Charles R. Boatman

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