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Cayla Chandara moved from California to Hawaii to go to college. But then the 21-year-old dropped out and took on two waitress jobs to pay down her student loans before hopefully returning to school. Recently she served a friendly couple from Australia who were interested in hearing about her life and future dreams. Their bill was $200. After they left, Cayla discovered they gave her a $400 tip! The couple had mentioned where they were staying, so Cayla left a thank-you letter for them at the hotel’s front desk. The next evening, the tourists returned to the restaurant and gave Cayla $10,000 to pay off her loans and help her get back into college. Cayla said, “They have truly changed my life, not only financially but in the way I look at things.”



We occasionally hear about someone who donates a kidney or a portion of their liver to keep some worthy person alive. We don’t expect people to risk their lives for an undeserving person. But that’s what Jesus did for us—the godly died for the ungodly! In the process, he made us right with God, something we could not accomplish by ourselves.


  1. What do you think prompted the couple to give these gifts to Cayla, a person they had just met?
  2. Are you aware of other stories like this?
  3. Have you ever been moved to offer a generous gift to a deserving person? What moved you to do so?
  4. Have you ever refused even a small donation to someone you felt was “unworthy” of your help? Does Jesus’ gift make it more difficult to justify such a decision?
  5. How has Christ’s gift changed the way you approach life?


—Charles R. Boatman

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