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Wildfires have been burning in much of the country for weeks. The “Holy” fire in Southern California (named for the creek near which it started) burned out of control for more than a week. It has threatened several communities, forced thousands to evacuate from their homes and businesses, endangered lives and property, and covered the region with smoke and ash. Authorities have arrested the suspected arsonist who lives in one of several cabins in the area—the only cabin which did not burn. Police said the suspect was feuding with neighbors. Just before the fire he had sent an email saying, “this place will burn.”


The fires of the human temper can be as damaging as physical fires, although sometimes in different ways. In today’s text, Paul offers us several principles which, if put into practice, will help us fight those fires so they don’t consume us and others. Two of those principles summarize all the rest: genuinely love others and overpower evil with good.

  1. If the charges against the accused arsonist are true, what are some possible explanations for his act?
  2. Is it possible that his estranged neighbors might have calmed the situation down before it reached this point? If so, how? Explain.
  3. Tell of an experience you have had in which you were able to overcome evil with good attitudes and/or behavior.
  4. Which of Paul’s instructions do you find easiest to practice? Why? Which gives you the most difficulty? How do you try to overcome it?

—Charles R. Boatman

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