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Americans are deeply divided as we head toward the midterm elections that are two months away. The President is angry at his critics and much of the news media, and the same is true in reverse. Partisans are angry about the Mueller investigation into alleged collusion of the Russians in the 2016 election. The hearings passed the one-year mark this past week with some questioning whether justice will ever be served. A few people have been indicted, and some of them have admitted lying under oath. With all the shouting and charges/counter-charges being made, some people must be lying. Cynics would say everyone probably is!


In contrast, Christians are to be a peaceful people. The apostle Paul tells us that we are to shun anger, lying, evil desires, greed, and other attitudes and behavior that can be summed up in the word, idolatry—placing anything else before God. We are to replace these vices with a gentle and humble spirit that promotes justice and peace in our relationships with others.

  1. Can you foresee a time when Americans will be less angry? What would it take to create such a change? How do the sins Paul names interfere with justice in society?
  2. In our conversations with other Christians who disagree with our political opinions, how do we practice the virtues Paul commands? Is it possible for the peace of Christ to rule in our hearts if we engage in heated arguments over socio-political issues? Explain.
  3. What means have you found helpful in controlling your earthly nature in the various ways it manifests itself?

—Charles R. Boatman

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