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The path of destruction continues to widen in the whirlwind of charges regarding sexual intimidation in Washington, D.C. Most of us are wondering who will be the next powerful and previously respected person in politics, entertainment, or news media to fall. In the last two weeks, new rumors of President Trump’s past actions have circulated, fueling renewed calls for him to resign. The situation disturbs many Americans, regardless of their political leanings.


The citizens of Jerusalem also had reason to be disturbed. King Herod was tyrannical and malicious. When his power was threatened, fear seized the hearts of those whom he governed. The news that a new king had been born was brought by the Magi. This was obviously perceived as a threat to Herod, but he clearly misunderstood what kind of king Jesus would be.

  1. What, specifically, should we find most disturbing about the growing number of harassment charges against cultural leaders? If an accusation such as those we are hearing these days were brought against someone you know and love, what would be your response?
  2. What specifically, do you think troubled Herod about the news of Jesus’ birth? What would you have said to him?
  3. In what ways does the public perceive Jesus to be a threat to them? Is it a philosophical issue or a lifestyle issue? Explain.
  4. How can we help non-Christians see that Christ’s coming into their lives brings freedom rather than limitations?

—Charles R. Boatman

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