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“Fake news” has become a hot topic recently. We’ve heard politicians and journalists charge others with promoting “alternative facts.” Of course, that concept has been with us for a long time. We called it propaganda in the Cold War era. In recent years, postmodern thinking has called into question whether anything is really “true.” The validity of Christian teaching is now widely questioned, and America has been inundated by the advocacy of “alternative lifestyles.”



The new Christians in Galatia had heard “real news” when the apostle Paul visited them. Literally, it was good news—the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, they later began to listen to—and believe—fake news. False teachers beguiled them into forsaking their freedom in Christ for a return to the slavery of adhering to the Old Testament law.


  1. To what extent does our culture’s acceptance of the postmodern “your truth” and “my truth” notion plays into the fake news issue?
  2. If real truth does not exist, how does this affect our faith in Christ?
  3. How should Christians confront our culture’s denial of ultimate truth?
  4. Tell the group about a conversation you’ve had with someone regarding whether the teachings of Christianity are true. What were their objections? What was the result of the conversation?
  5. How does the legalism the Galatians fell into show itself among Christians today?


—Charles R. Boatman

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