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Travis Kauffman has become famous recently. On February 4, he was running on a mountain trail in Colorado when he was attacked by a mountain lion. Before he knew it, the 50-pound cat had locked its jaws around the arm of the lanky 5-foot-10, 150-pound Kauffman. The 31-year-old runner fought back and eventually suffocated the animal by putting his foot on its neck. When recounting the incident for the press, Kaufman recalled that his first reaction when attacked was trying to protect his face and crying out in sort of a “barbarian yell.”


The Psalmist speaks of crying out in a different way when preyed upon. His prayer of praise and trust in God acknowledges that God will enable us to trample on the lion and serpent. Kauffman responded by yelling. The Psalmist reacted with faith in God who can protect and deliver. Kauffman recalled that the experience taught him to “have awareness of the environment.” The Psalmist encourages us to remember that our environment includes a mighty God!

  1. How can Kauffman’s experience with the lion be an allegory for our lives? Describe a situation in which you felt you were being violently and unexpectedly attacked.
  2. How can you become more aware of your environment—situations that can put you in danger? How can trust in God help you fend off an ambush from the Tempter in such situations?
  3. How do the promises in verses 11 to 16 strengthen your trust in God?

—Charles R. Boatman

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