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Last week, Billy Graham died at 99 years of age. He was confidant and counselor for most of the U.S. presidents in the last half of the 20th century. He preached to over 200 million people in 185 nations—more than any other preacher in history. He was on Gallup’s list of “most admired men and women” 60 times—every year the company conducted its poll. His career in ministry was characterized by faithfulness to the historic Christian message at a time when many high-profile Christian leaders were watering down the gospel. His faithfulness to Ruth, his wife of 64 years, stood in sharp contrast to many high-profile ministers who lacked such faithfulness.


Romans 4:11 calls Abraham “the father of all who have faith.” Our text today provides one of several examples that led to his reputation for being faith-filled. Whether answering the call to leave his homeland or to sacrifice the son of God’s promise, Abraham was faithful to what God asked him to do.

  1. Why do you believe Billy Graham had a high reputation, even among those who did not agree with his Christian faith? How do you think Graham avoided the moral failures of some of his contemporaries?
  2. What are the great challenges to faithfulness among followers of Christ today? How does faith in Christ help us be faithful in all areas of life?
  3. Review the lives of Abraham, Graham, and other faithful leaders of the faith. How do their examples help you to be faithful? Be specific.

   —Charles R. Boatman

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