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Heavy rains drenched mudslide-prone California hillsides last weekend at the same time as a fierce blizzard was sweeping through the Midwest. As the snowstorm moved toward the east coast, it left nearly two feet of snow in its wake along with many fatalities, thousands of collisions and multitudes of drivers stranded on snowy and icy roads. In many states, schools and businesses were forced to close. Many people tried to lay up food and supplies before they would be forced to hole up in their homes, awaiting normalcy to return. More stormy weather was predicted for this weekend.


Could any possible good be mixed in with the problems caused by such severe weather? Centuries earlier, the apostle Paul wrote to the Philippians about figurative storms he was weathering in his life. He had developed the grace to see that, regardless of what harm might come to him, others could benefit from it. The trials he faced were part of the process that God was using to mature him spiritually.

  1. When the “blizzards” of life make your personal plans grind to a halt, how do you make something good out of the situation?
  2. Tell the class of a time when the Spirit of Christ worked in you, helping you to see his provision for yourself or someone else.
  3. Has someone for whom you have prayed told you of the blessing your prayers have been to them? Explain.

—Charles R. Boatman

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