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On Monday night, the president signed legislation passed earlier that day, funding the government for three more weeks. This allowed federal workers to return to work after a three-day shutdown. For days, the news media projected a frenzied tone over the anticipated event, even though shutdowns have taken place dozens of times before. As if to demonstrate that the public has greater faith in America’s economic might than the media does, the stock market rose to record high levels day after day.


The strength of Daniel’s faith in God was of a different sort than the public’s faith in America’s economic might. For one thing, God’s strength never waivers and those who place their faith in him can take life’s ups-and-downs with assurance that God is faithful. On the other hand, the stock market in which Americans are currently rejoicing will occasionally crash precipitously, as we have all experienced.

  1. “If it bleeds it leads” is an axiom that explains media focus. Do you think that’s the case in the media’s concern about the government shutdown? Explain.
  2. Americans have traditionally been an optimistic people, but today many are pessimistic. What do you think are the reasons for either perspective?
  3. What was it in God’s words to Daniel that made him feel weak? What was it in God’s words that gave Daniel strength?
  4. What do you find in today’s passage (and elsewhere) that gives you a sense of spiritual strength?

—Charles R. Boatman

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