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On Wednesday in Thailand, twelve boys and their soccer coach were rescued after having been trapped nearly two miles into Tham Luang cave. They had been there since May 23, when storms flooded the cave after they entered it. At one point, rescue seemed to be impossible. The head coach (who had not entered the cave) said, “All I can do is to send my prayers and support to the children and rescuers.” Those were the sentiments of people around the world. None of the boys were swimmers, and the rescue involved a six-hour trip via a dangerous underwater route.


The widow in Jesus’ parable must have felt that her situation was also impossible. But what we don’t know is how God may manage an “impossible” situation and how he may work on the recalcitrant hearts of oppressors. Another question is how God may work on the hearts of those who believe in him.

  1. In what ways are prayers effective in crises such as the one in the cave in Thailand? Does the fact that the coach led the boys in Buddhist meditation rather than Christian prayer make a difference in your thinking? Explain.
  2. Have you ever been in “impossible” circumstances from which God rescued you? Explain.
  3. What makes it most difficult for you to “always pray and not give up?”
  4. How would you answer someone who says, “I no longer believe in God because I prayed, and my prayer wasn’t answered?”

—Charles R. Boatman

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