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Modern modes of transportation enable us to speedily travel with ease from east to west and north to south. A week ago, President Trump had tea with Queen Elizabeth of England, giving him membership in a small fraternity which many people would be happy to join. This week, the president met with President Vladimir Putin of Russia, again a meeting of a small, elite group. This visit caused great “gnashing of teeth” from many sources. The media had a feast on their disagreements with Mr. Trump’s behavior and comments in his meetings with both leaders.


When Jesus promised a great feast in heaven, he spoke of a few elite guests—the patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament. But he also said that (without the need for modern technology) a great host of guests from all over the world would be present for the event. His promise should be reassuring to those of us who are “nobodies” that even though the world discounts our importance, God has reserved a place at his table for us.

  1. Why are people so interested in who gets to “have tea with the Queen,” so to speak? What does this tell us about the world’s values?
  2. Does the “narrow door” Jesus mentioned refer to limited access or the difficulty of entry, or both? Explain. On what basis will God refuse entry to “his house”?
  3. What is your reaction to knowing that you can have a place at God’s table? How can we be certain we will be invited?


—Charles R. Boatman

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