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Roseanne Barr is an often caustic and sometimes crude comedienne and television personality. The return engagement of her very-highly-rated ABC-TV sitcom, Roseanne, was cancelled recently. ABC pulled the show because Barr had posted a demeaning racist comment about a former top aide to President Obama on social media. Some people are calling this an example of leftist media censorship since Barr supports the current president, and the object of her scorn is a liberal. Regardless, the news media are predicting Barr will soon find a home on alternative outlets.


One might argue that ABC was acting in the spirit of the servants in Jesus’ parable who wanted to pull up the weeds—an idea Jesus rebuked. On the other hand, Jesus’ parable about the power of yeast could be applied to the coarseness that has overtaken both entertainment and conversation in our culture in recent years.

  1. Which of Jesus’ parables should we apply to the Roseanne controversy? Why?
  2. Is there any justification for Christians to support Barr for her political stance when her mode of expression has often been less than Christian? Why or why not?
  3. What elements of our culture do you think Jesus might call “weeds” if he were here teaching among us today? Explain.
  4. Suggest some specific ways in which Christians can act positively as yeast in our society.
  5. Is the crudeness of some public figures a cause or reflection of the growing vulgarity of society? Do Christians ever contribute to the problem? Explain.

   —Charles R. Boatman

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