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The world eagerly watched this week as President Trump and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jung Un, met for several hours. The two leaders left the meeting with mutual promises to work for the resolution of differences. Some items on the table in this difficult, lengthy process will be the injustice and human rights violations which Kim has used to maintain control. He has kept his people in abject poverty, orchestrated the murder of relatives who threatened his power, and imprisoned numerous American visitors to the country. All the while, Kim was developing nuclear warheads with missiles capable of delivering them to the American mainland.


As Jesus said, evil people justify their injustice to others—including their own family members—by blaming others for their actions. They may even claim it is for a greater good, even twisting God’s Word to justify injustice. Such injustice is easy enough for us to see in our enemies such as Kim. It’s more difficult to recognize when we are the ones acting unjustly.

  1. What do you think will be the eventual results of the President’s meeting with Kim? What injustices in North Korea do you believe must be righted for an agreement to last?
  2. President Trump has recommended the adoption of a capitalistic economic system to make North Korea a more prosperous and just society. Do you see injustices coming from such an economic system in our own country? Explain. How do the words of Jesus help you to see the solution to such injustices?
  3. What is the relationship between spiritual purity (which the Pharisees claimed) and honoring God’s commands? Jesus’ words spoke to the personal vices of the Pharisees. What personal application can you see in his words for yourself?

—Charles R. Boatman

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