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The #MeToo movement has drawn America’s attention in recent months. Women who say they have been the victims of a culture in which powerful men could, with impunity, treat women inappropriately have demanded justice. The movement has caused many men in the media, the entertainment industry, and business to lose their jobs. Many fell quickly, having been found guilty in the court of public opinion. Others denied their guilt, and the matter has moved slowly through the legal system.


Often in this life, justice is never received. However, Jesus’ parable promises that God will eventually even the score. The long-suffering beggar’s death set him free and gave him blessed comfort. In death, the rich man found that his privilege and ease in this life were stripped from him, never to be returned. His lot was made even more painful by the fact that he could not warn his brothers to change their ways before it was too late to do so.

  1. Has the #MeToo movement performed a valid service? Has it, like many other social movements, been guilty of excess? Defend your thoughts.
  2. What other incidents of injustice do you see in our society? In what ways has the church been an agent for correcting injustices? Have Christians contributed to the problems of injustice in any way? Explain.
  3. What biblical principles have helped you to treat others justly, as Jesus would?

   —Charles R. Boatman

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