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The Oscars were awarded last Sunday. In a score of categories ranging from picture to director to editing, “the best” was named. This year’s best picture as judged by the Academy was The Shape of Water, the fanciful story of a romantic relationship between a woman and a fish-man. As often happens, box office receipts have told a different story. Voting with their dollars, the film-watching public flocked to see The Greatest Showman, a film panned by several critics.


In contrast, awarding the title of ruler of the universe is not a popularity contest. The God of the Bible is the only God. Solomon cited historical evidence that God—unlike any other god—is a covenant-making and promise-keeping God. This recognition is not based on what so-called experts say, nor even on what the public says. It is based on the testimony of Scripture in what it reveals to us about our Creator and Sustainer.

  1. In what areas of life beside the arts do we see critics and the crowd sometimes disagreeing? How does that affect your thinking?
  2. What is wrong with the view the Jews sometimes expressed in the Old Testament that their God was “the best God.” Do we sometimes advocate the Christian faith this way? Explain.
  3. Is it appropriate for Christians to find affirmation for their faith in the fact that Christianity has more adherents worldwide than any other religion? Why or why not?
  4. In your own life, how have you experienced the promise-keeping power of God? How has this affected your Christian walk?
  5. How would you explain to an unbeliever what a difference it makes to be in a covenant relationship with God?
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