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Many older Americans have fond memories of the road trip in the family car that was a staple of their childhood family’s summer vacation plans. Getting away from home and going back to the family homestead was the theme as they jammed themselves into the car and headed off to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Just 10 days ago, the travel industry announced the expected vacation destinations of Americans for Summer, 2018. Topping the list of domestic destinations is Orlando, the perennial favorite with its entertainment-oriented theme parks. These visits are typically for amusement purposes, and usually are not intended to be a meaning-filled visit to the ancestral home.


For ancient Israelites, every fiftieth year was a Jubilee Year, with a divinely commanded “vacation trip” in which the family would return to their ancestral home and their kin. There, they would be reminded of who they were as a family. Jubilee was also a time for the earth to get a rest: neither planting nor harvesting were allowed, so the Israelites could spend their time contemplating their nation’s historical relationship with God.

  1. What values might we rediscover it if were possible to observe a Jubilee Year in our culture?
  2. What factors would keep us from celebrating a Jubilee Year?
  3. What features of Jubilee might help Christians improve their relationship with God?
  4. Do you think the sabbath-rest commandment is for Christians today? Why or why not?
  5. How do you personally manage to implement the sabbath-rest principle in your life?

—Charles R. Boatman

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