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North Korea’s capricious leader, Kim Jong Un, engaged in saber rattling again this week. Kim boasted North Korea’s apparently successful missile test Sunday proves that his backward nation can now deliver “a large scale heavy nuclear warhead” and that the US mainland is in its “sighting range for strike.” Kim has long sought international recognition through military power rather than by more positive means such as developing economic strength to benefit his impoverished people.



God threatened Nineveh with destruction, but not to boost his own fragile ego. Instead, God’s message through Jonah was intended to save the city’s residents by persuading them to turn from their sinful ways. Thus, the divine threat was a means of making the Ninevites aware of their need for salvation. Unlike so many human leaders, the king of Nineveh used his position to bring spiritual prosperity to his people.


  1. What differences do you see between Kim Jong Un and the king of Nineveh?
  2. What causes political leaders to put personal prestige ahead of the welfare of their people?
  3. Why are Christian leaders sometimes subject to similar temptations?
  4. The people of Nineveh needed threats of punishment before they would repent. Is this a universal human condition? Explain.
  5. How can we keep ourselves from needing to be threatened with punishment before we repent of sin?


—Charles R. Boatman

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