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Is America becoming increasingly immoral? We frequently hear about sexual sins by previously respected people. Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and now candidate for the U.S. Senate, is but one example.

Moore has been respected by many Christians for his rulings in support of the Ten Commandments and his public stands against homosexuality. Recently, however, Moore has been the subject of rumors of sexual impropriety with teenage girls. We wonder who will be the next cultural idol to be charged with immorality and abuse of power.


On the other hand, some things have greatly improved. Since God initiated his New Covenant through Jesus Christ, humanity is living in a much better kingdom than before. The Old Testament law, which no one could keep and which created a fearsome picture of God, has been set aside by the death and resurrection of Christ. We now live in hope of salvation despite our sins.

  1. How should Christians respond when someone is charged with sin, sexual or otherwise? Does it matter if the one being charged holds political positions like our own? Does it matter that some on the other end of the political spectrum have committed similar offenses without consequence? Does it matter if the behavior being revealed happened decades ago and seems to be released now to gain political advantage? Explain.
  2. How should the New Covenant through Christ affect our conduct, our attitudes, and our way of looking at the sins of others? Does the New Testament image of God as a loving Father invalidate the image of God as the Judge of humankind? Explain.
  3. In what specific ways can we Christians, through the power of God, make things better in this world?

—Charles R. Boatman

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