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An Air Niugini airliner crashed just off the Pacific island of Weno a week ago. During heavy rain and with low visibility, the plane fell short of the runway as it was landing on the small island in Micronesia. As the plane began to sink, local fishermen and other boatmen rushed to the site. An accident that could have brought death in the ocean had an unexpectedly happy ending. Forty-six passengers and the crew were saved; only one person was reported missing.


God told Noah to build a huge boat. In this ark, Noah and his family could be saved from the flood that was coming. Perhaps even more significant is the New Testament commentary on the event. Peter says that the eight people who took refuge in the ark were saved by means of the waters of the flood (1 Peter 3:20). By destroying the sinful society in which Noah’s family lived, the waters of the flood saved them from their culture’s path of self-destruction.

  1. The Micronesian plane crash was caused by a severe storm and an inability to see where the plane was heading. How do those two factors figuratively describe reasons for many societal problems today?
  2. Is the world less evil today than it was in Noah’s time? Why or why not? Why do you think God hasn’t acted more recently to destroy human wickedness as he did in the days of Noah?
  3. The culture of Noah’s day was completely corrupt, yet Noah stood out as righteous despite the unrighteousness all around him. Do Christians today offer the same contrast to culture as Noah did? Explain.

—Charles R. Boatman

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