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Two Americans died recently, one famous and the other scarcely known. John McCain, 81, was a Senator, honored Vietnam War veteran, and former presidential candidate. He was lauded by many at his funeral. Relatively few people had heard about Claire Wineland, an inspirational speaker. She was 60 years younger than McCain when she died at age 21 on Monday. She was one of 30,000 Americans who have cystic fibrosis, a terminal genetic disease. At age 13, she started Claire’s Place Foundation to assist families living with the disease. Claire became an inspirational speaker who said, “Life isn’t just about being happy. It’s about what you’re making of your life and whether you can find a deep pride in who you are and what you’ve given.”

. . . AND LIFE

John McCain survived some of the worst abuse that humans can administer. Claire Wineland fought valiantly against debilitating disease. Both clung tenaciously to God’s gift of life, but in the end, death won. When God began his creative work, a dead world came to life. The beings he created continue to be fruitful and multiply. Eventually, death comes to us all, but God’s sustaining power is still at work bringing us toward everlasting life.

  1. What do the deaths of McCain and Wineland at significantly different ages suggest to you about life and death? How do their responses to their trials speak to you?
  2. What does God’s revelation of his creative work in terms of time imply about our use of time?
  3. How do you show your appreciation for God’s gifts of life and time? What difficulties do you find in trying to use time effectively? Be specific.

—Charles R. Boatman

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