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Facebook promotes its service as a boon to relationships. However, its relationship with its subscribers became tainted with the news that 87 million of its users had their data shared with a political consulting firm in 2016 without the subscribers’ permission. Last week, Facebook admitted that the public profile information of “most” of its 2 billion users may have been “harvested.” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, was scheduled to testify before Congress this week. He has already expressed contrition and taken personal responsibility for his company’s lapse in integrity. Whether this will restore the public’s trust is uncertain.


When Peter denied Jesus before a small crowd in Jerusalem, that act shared some personal data about his moral and spiritual character—that he was willing to compromise his convictions to save his own life. However, by repentance and the gracious forgiveness of Jesus, Peter’s relationship with the Lord was restored. The restored relationship demanded that Peter turn from self-preservation to a life of selflessness, nourishing the Lord’s sheep.

  1. If you’re a Facebook user, what are your feelings about your information being misused? What will it take to restore your faith in Facebook?
  2. Is our responsibility to forgive a corporation that has offended us the same as forgiving an individual? Why or why not?
  3. How has the Lord’s forgiveness changed your life? How has forgiveness (either offered by you or received by you) made a difference in your relationship with someone?
  4. In what ways has Jesus called on you to feed his sheep?

   —Charles R. Boatman

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