April 4, 2021: The Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53:4-11a)

To engage the learners in a study of the Scripture text:

Distribute copies of the “Servant Songs” exercise from the activity page, which you can download here. This exercise will allow learners to see today’s text in a broader context of the other four Servant Songs in Isaiah. There are a total of 40 verses to consider, and the five songs vary widely in length. Therefore, you will need to think carefully in advance regarding how many groups there will be, how many participants will be in each group, how much time to allow, and how to keep things moving briskly when groups report conclusions in the ensuing all-class discussion.

To encourage personal application:

Distribute copies of the “Servant Thanks” exercise from the activity page. This devotional prayer-writing activity is designed for students to begin in class but finish at home or on their own.

Note: Whenever you distribute copies of anything, use hard-copy (paper) handouts for those physically present and e-copies for those joining online via Zoom, etc.

Tip: For a tutorial on how to use Zoom breakouts, go here. For many other Zoom tutorials, see here. A key to using Zoom effectively without fumbling is to practice ahead of time!

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