In the World–April, 25, 2021

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Drones are used to search for lost hikers or survey areas devastated by flood or earthquake. However, the most common way for people in need of rescue to be found is when rescuers hear them crying out for help. Until now, drones have not been able to listen for these pleas. Even if a drone had a microphone, all it would pick up would be the sound of the drone’s rotors. Dotterel Technologies, a drone manufacturer in New Zealand, has solved this by including both a directional microphone and an onboard processor that filters out the sound of the drone itself. “Many missing people are found by rescuers listening for voice appeal in hard-to-reach locations,” says Auckland search and rescue leader Brandon McCarthy. “The ability to quickly extend our hearing range is of high value.” These drones are no longer deaf to cries for help.


The people of Judah were left in devastation after the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and carried many into exile. In the book of Lamentations, Jeremiah, appropriately nicknamed the weeping prophet, described the people’s distress and dismay. They admitted their sins but wondered why God seemed deaf to their cries—or perhaps too angry at them to consider reconciliation. He did hear and would reconcile, but the consequences for their sin had to be carried out through Babylon, God’s instrument of judgment.

  1. When has someone’s cries for help brought you to their aid?
  2. How has God seemed slow to hear your cries?
  3. When has someone’s consequences extended even beyond the person’s repentance?

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