In the World–April 3, 2022

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In March, Indian legislator Bhagwant Mann won an election to become the next chief minister of the Aam Aadami Party. In a speech to his fellow victorious party members, he urged them to reject the typical behavior of other politicians in their shoes and instead remain humble. “We should not be arrogant,” he said. “You are also the [representatives] of those who did not vote for you.” Instead of moving to the regional capital and staying there, as many do, Mann encouraged them to go out to the people. “Stay in Chandigarh for the least possible time. We have to go and do work at those places where we went and asked for votes,” he said. “Go sit in villages and meet people. Have tea, speak to people about their problems, take officials with you.”


Though many in Jesus’ day longed for a Jewish military leader like David who could rally the people and drive out the Romans, this had never been God’s plan. Jesus indicated what sort of kingdom He was instituting by arriving in Jerusalem not astride a massive warhorse but on the back of the foal of a donkey. Everyone watching would be reminded of Zechariah’s prophecy that said the king who came to bring salvation would ride humbly upon the back of a donkey’s colt. Jesus had come to eliminate war and bring peace.

  1. How do you think politicians should behave after they win an election and take office?
  2. How can government officials serve even those who did not vote for them?
  3. In what ways have you seen God behave differently than what you expected?

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