In the World–August 1, 2021

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This fall, California public school students, all 6.2 million of them, will be offered free school lunches, regardless of income. There has been a perceived stigma against children who accept school lunches, causing many who need the offered meal to be ashamed to take it. “This is so historic,” said Erin Primer, director of food services for the San Luis Coastal Unified School District. “It’s beyond life-changing.” This is the largest free lunch program in the nation, but other states are watching California’s experiment carefully, and Maine has already announced a similar plan. “We’ve completely leveled the playing field when it comes to school food,” Primer said.


In the minds of most people in Israel during the first century, eternal salvation was something available to only a select few: the Jews. Whereas the children of Israel had always been meant to draw the world to the salvation available in God, they had come to think of it as a gift offered exclusively to them. Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection reconciled the whole human race to God for all who believe. Today’s passage shows Paul’s teaching that, in Christ, salvation is offered to everyone.

  1. What’s something that had once been available only to some but then was offered to all?
  2. Why do people sometimes wish to keep benefits private rather than making them available to everyone?
  3. When has someone tried to keep Christ’s salvation away from certain people or groups?

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