In the World–August 15, 2021

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New York City veteran firefighter Kinga Mielnik nearly died from COVID-19 and suffered a miscarriage in the last year. After 20 years fighting fires with the FDNY, it was the coronavirus that almost took her life. But the mother of five young boys persevered and fought for her life in Bellevue Hospital. When she was still recovering, she got pregnant again and she and her husband had their sixth child—a girl, at last: Aleksandra. “You never know what was going to happen with COVID, but you have got to let life go on,” Mielnik said. “Some people were afraid to have kids during the pandemic and put it off, but you can’t let things like this stop you from living.”


The writer of Hebrews called upon believers to persevere in their faith despite public insult, persecution, prison, and the loss of their property. They suffered for Christ in ways that might cause some people to turn from the Lord and throw away their confidence. The author called on them to hold fast to the end so they would receive the reward promised to those who endure.

  1. What things have you put on hold because of COVID, and what things have you continued doing no matter what?
  2. What’s the most inspiring story of perseverance you’ve ever heard?
  3. How might hardship or persecution help refine your faith in God?

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