In the World–August 16, 2020

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Renée Brinkerhoff (age 64) is founder of Valkyrie Racing and its sister organization, Valkyrie Gives. She does cross-country road rallies in her classic Porsche 356. Renée realized years ago that road rallies gave her a platform, and she believed she had been called to raise awareness and funds to fight child trafficking around the world. Valkyrie Gives has now raised over $190,000, 100% of which has gone to vetted projects helping children and women at risk of trafficking. She has raced on every continent except Antarctica, which she plans to do this winter. “The world is full of people who want to see trafficking end,” says Matt Parker of Exodus Road, which rescues children who have been trafficked. “But I wish it was full of people like Renée who will actually do something about it.”


James knew that talk is cheap. We can say the right things about the Christian faith, but the things we do show what we really believe. He knew that our actions are a much better revealer of our beliefs than any words that might come out of our mouths. Faith can be expressed by our words, but genuine faith spills out into our deeds.

  1. When have you said you believed one thing but found yourself doing something different?
  2. What is the difference between not living up to one’s ideals and deliberately misleading with words that do not match actions?
  3. What new action could you take to live out one of the core beliefs of Christianity?

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