In the World–August 8, 2021

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Grace McCallum, 18, is a member of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team at the Tokyo Olympics. She credits her faith in Christ as sustaining her not only through years of training but also through a serious injury earlier this year. Until Tokyo, her parents had never missed one of her competitions. The thought of being without them in Japan has driven Grace to the Lord even more. “I’ll really be leaning on my faith,” she said before the Olympics. “My dad is sending me a couple of prayers to say before each practice in the morning. I think that will be really helpful to keep me at peace and calm while I’m there.”


Faith is the chief quality the Lord requires in those who follow Him. Christians are referred to as believers, which shows the importance of faith in our spiritual lives. Our passage today is a brilliant rewind of great examples of people of faith throughout Scripture. “By faith Abel…” and “By faith Enoch…” and “By faith Noah…” The writer of Hebrews heaps up reminder after reminder that faith is difficult, and sometimes deadly, but it is what it takes to follow Jesus not only to the cross, if necessary, but then on to the city that God has prepared for those who believe.

  1. How has your faith sustained you when the pressure was on?
  2. Who are some of your heroes of faith, both in the Bible and in life?
  3. In what way does faith make us strangers or pilgrims on earth?

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