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In October of this year, two pro basketball teams traveled to Mumbai for the first-ever NBA game in India. Years of preparation had gone into the visit, and the teams got to enjoy visiting the Taj Mahal and other cultural sites. But when the time for the preseason game came, they turned to the serious business of preparing for the regular season. In the preparation there was work and joy, and in the main event, there was also work and joy.


Before David was willing to move the ark of the covenant from its temporary site to its new home in Jerusalem, he did much joyful preparation. The Levites were carefully instructed and everything was made ready. But when the time came to bring the ark into the city, David turned to the serious work of worship that would prepare the ark and the people for the work and joy of ministry in the Tabernacle.

  1. How do you see preparation being connected to worship?
  2. What could happen if proper preparations aren’t made prior to worship?
  3. How do you feel when you see people worshiping the Lord more exuberantly than you do?

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