In the World–December 15, 2019

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William is a young boy who was born with only half a working heart. Despite multiple surgeries, at a tender age he had to face the reality that many of his most cherished dreams are forever beyond his reach. One of these is to be an airline pilot. But one airline and one wish-granting foundation worked together to give this brave boy a three-day simulation—right down to custom-made pilot’s uniform, hat, and aviator’s sunglasses—of what it would be like to be a pilot. He got to fly the simulator, ride in the crash fire truck, deploy a plane’s emergency exit door, and more. What they did for him was much better than what he would’ve otherwise received.


King David’s most cherished dream was to build a Temple for the ark of the covenant and for the Lord. But God told him he was not the person for the job. However, the Lord had a better plan for him than he had for himself. He wanted to build a temporary temple, but God wanted to establish David’s throne forever. Indeed, David’s bloodline ran directly to Jesus Christ, whose reign will never end. Sometimes even our highest aspirations fall far short of God’s intent.

  1. If you had the power to grant someone’s wish, who and what would it be?
  2. What’s something you wanted that you were later glad you didn’t get because what you ended up with was far superior?
  3. What lesson can we draw from seeing that David’s focus was on an earthly structure and God’s eyes were on the future?

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