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In October, a 43-year-old man was killed after being washed off a jetty in Crescent City, CA. There are signs and fences warning people against going out at high tide, but these are often disregarded. Crescent City leadership member Rick Shepherd has since suggested that new signs be put up, saying that anyone who disregards warning signs and then has to be rescued will be charged up to $12,000 for the effort (assuming they live). “A lot of times,” Shepherd said, “it jeopardizes our search and rescue [folks] to go out there and try to rescue people” who have ignored the warning signs.


Before God had brought the children of Israel into the promised land, He gave them commands for what to do when it did come to pass. He instructed them to pile up uncut stones on the far bank of the Jordan River, whitewashing them and then writing the Law on them. This was to be a sign and a memorial to them and their children, reminding them of God’s faithfulness on their behalf—and of the benefits of obeying the Lord.

  1. When have you seen someone disobey a warning or law, resulting in negative consequences?
  2. What do you think of billing someone who needs rescuing because they ignored warnings?
  3. How can you remind yourself of crucial moments of God’s faithfulness in your own life?

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