In the World–December 6, 2020

By November 30, 2020 "In the World"

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With schools operating remotely due to COVID-19, many parents of young students found themselves being “helicopter parents.” Virginia Riggs, a stay-at-home mom in Chicago with three young children, sits beside them all day long to make sure they pay attention to their teachers. Her pre-K son refuses to use the unmute button on the computer when called on, so Virginia has to do so for him. All three kids fidget and sometimes get up and leave during class, and it’s a struggle to get them to listen to what their teachers are calling them to do. “The first couple of days last week,” Virginia admits, “I didn’t even eat or take a shower.”


Both Matthew and the writer of Hebrews go to great lengths to emphasize the importance of heeding the call of Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah. Humanly speaking, Jesus has a royal heritage, descending from King David. Divinely speaking, Jesus is the radiance and glory of God the Father and the agent through whom all Creation was made. When Jesus issues a call, we must pay attention.

  1. How easy (or hard) is it to listen to a speaker who isn’t in the room with you?
  2. Who do you know with an impressive lineage or genealogy?
  3. What makes the commands that Jesus gives worth listening to?

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