In the World–February 7, 2021

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Today (Sunday) is when Super Bowl 55 is scheduled to be played. After the championship games two weeks before, both winning teams went to great lengths to testify to the worthiness of their teammates, coaches, opponents, and fans. Each offense lauded its defense, and vice versa. When singer John Legend tweeted “Hire. Eric. Bienemy.” [sic] to encourage some NFL team to hire Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy as head coach (after the Super Bowl), the Chiefs’ official Twitter feed answered, “What. He. Said.” In the day of victory, people are quick to testify to the greatness of others.


When the Samaritan woman spoke with Jesus at Jacob’s Well (John 4), she became convinced that He was the long-awaited Messiah. She left her water jar behind and rushed back to her town to testify to anyone who would listen that she had found the one they’d been longing for. An entire population came to faith because she was willing to testify.

  1. When have you been so excited about something that you just had to tell someone else?
  2. What was it like (or what do you imagine it would be like) to testify in court?
  3. What part (if any) did a witness’s testimony play in your path to salvation?

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