In the World–January 19, 2020

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Andrea Diaz had been mostly deaf since birth. Following surgery to install a cochlear implant, an audiology technician switched the implant on to see if Diaz, now a young woman, could hear clearly. Immediately, she began to laugh and cry as sounds flooded into her mind. In the audiology room with her was her boyfriend, who seized his moment. He went to one knee and produced an engagement ring. “I wanted to make one of the first things you hear be me asking you to marry me.” He proposed and she accepted, saying, “I love you. I can hear your voice.”


When Solomon stood before the altar with the people to dedicate the temple to God, one of his chief prayers was that God would hear all the prayers made in and toward the temple. He hoped the temple could serve as a gateway to God, a place where one’s requests could have special volume and effectiveness in God’s ears. In this temple, Solomon prayed that God would hear their voice—and forgive.

  1. What would you say is the best sound in the whole world? A newborn’s cry? Classical music? The roar of the ocean?
  2. What’s something you have built, installed, or purchased so you could hear more clearly?
  3. How do we know that God hears all prayers?

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