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Neighborhoods in Scottsdale, Arizona, just got a little quieter, thanks to a new ordinance. It used to be that neighbors could do very little about loud parties outside homes occupied by short-term renters. The new ordinance requires that the property owners furnish police with an emergency contact number. If the police serve a notice and no one has corrected the problem within an hour, the owners receive a fine of $750. And on each subsequent offense, the fine goes up, reaching nearly $2,500 for a fourth offense. “We just want them [renters] to have a good time and enjoy themselves,” says Scottsdale police sergeant Kevin Quon, “while still respecting the neighborly type of feel that we grow to expect in Scottsdale.”


As God’s people wandered in the wilderness under Moses, they too had people who tended to disregard laws and legal decisions handed down by judges chosen by the Lord. The judges were under strict instructions to pursue justice faithfully, rejecting bribes and other perversions of justice. But if anyone showed contempt for the judge God had chosen, he was to be put to death to send a message to the rest of Israel not to be contemptuous again.

  1. What are effective and ineffective ways of making sure people follow rules, ordinances, and laws?
  2. Why is it dangerous if officials have no way of enforcing rules, ordinances, or laws?
  3. What behaviors do you think would disappear overnight if death were the penalty for doing them?

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