In the World–January 26, 2020

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Scientists found that European robins, when taken out into the country in cages, would orient themselves toward the direction they should be migrating. But when the robins were back in the city, they could not detect the proper direction. The scientists theorized that electromagnetic radiation might be interfering with the birds’ sense of direction. So they placed robins inside a Faraday cage (which blocks electromagnetic radiation). Though the birds were still in the city, they immediately turned in the correct direction. When the troubling interference was removed, they knew where they should go next.


At the end of Solomon’s dedication of the temple, he stood before the whole assembly of the people and prayed that God would always show them what they should do next. The king asked that the Lord would keep the hearts of the people turned ever in His direction. He recounted God’s faithfulness to Israel in the past and at the present time, and he prayed that all interference would be removed so that in the future they would continue to be pointed toward their Redeemer.

  1. How is your sense of direction, and how has that helped or hindered you in your life?
  2. What sort of “interference” can sometimes disrupt our spiritual compass?
  3. When you contemplate the future, where do you expect your praise to arise from?

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