In the World–July 12, 2020

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Hagia Sophia is an ancient cathedral whose name means “Church of Divine Wisdom.” It was built around A.D. 535 in what was then Constantinople on the orders of Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. In 1453, when Ottoman forces conquered the city, now called Istanbul, Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque. But in the 1930s, it was made a museum. Last month, Turkish President Erdogan restated his intention to convert this house of the Father’s wisdom back into a mosque and to allow Muslim prayers and readings from the Quran inside its walls. So far, his efforts have been blocked.


Today’s lesson explores how the boy Jesus gained the wisdom He displayed when He questioned the religious teachers in the Temple at age twelve. Though Jesus most likely learned many great lessons in conventional wisdom from his earthly father’s house, He ultimately desired to learn Divine wisdom in His true Father’s house.

  1. What’s an example of wisdom you’ve learned from God?
  2. What’s an example of wisdom you’ve learned from a person?
  3. How much awareness do you think Jesus had as a very young boy that He was God’s Son?

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