In the World–June 12, 2022

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On the night of May 15–16, most of the Western hemisphere and beyond were united in witnessing a total lunar eclipse. Because this happened when the moon was near its closest distance to earth (lunar perigee), the moon seemed especially large in the sky. Sunlight refracted through the earth’s atmosphere, tinging its shadow red, giving the eclipsed moon that color, and earning it the status of a “super blood moon.” People from Canada to Argentina and from California to Italy—from dozens of languages, races, and religions—stood together and watched the light of the moon go dim.


Though the children of Israel were convinced that God was theirs alone and that salvation was for the Jewish people only, that had never been God’s design. The prophet Isaiah was frustrated with the hardness of heart among the people, feeling that he had served the Lord in vain. But God’s plan was well under way to make redemption shine forth as a light to all, uniting people from every land, language, and race in Christ.

  1. What’s the most spectacular eclipse you’ve ever witnessed?
  2. What causes you to feel a kinship with all people, even those who look or speak differently than you do?
  3. How do you think Isaiah felt when he heard that God’s salvation was meant for the Gentiles too? How do you think Isaiah’s listeners would’ve felt when they heard it?

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