In the World–June 7, 2020

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On May 22, Pakistan International Airlines flight 8303 crashed in a residential district of Karachi, Pakistan. Ninety-nine passengers and crew were aboard, and all but two perished. Before the crash, air traffic control told the pilot to descend from 10,000 feet to 7,000, but he told controllers he was satisfied with his altitude. Air traffic control contacted the plane when it was nearer to the airport, again instructing the pilot to bring the plane from 7,000 feet down to 3,000, but he repeated that he was fine. When he attempted the landing, he hit so hard that the engines scraped against the ground and were damaged. The pilot took off again and circled the airport to attempt another landing. But the engines were not working properly, and the plane crashed.


The book of Proverbs is designed to warn and instruct us in how to live prudently. The consequences for ignoring its counsel can be deadly. It is pure folly to spurn its guidance, whether out of ignorance or pride. The wise person walks in the fear of the Lord and heeds knowledge and instruction.

  1. When have you ignored a warning and it led to trouble?
  2. What’s an example of a time when you heeded a warning that others ignored, to their undoing?
  3. How has the book of Proverbs proven useful and life-giving to you?

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