In the World–March 10, 2019

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On Saturday, March 2, our dear friend and colleague Jim Eichenberger died unexpectedly from complications following emergency surgery. Jim was a valued member of the Standard Publishing editorial team for many years. Editing “In the World” was one of the ways he served the Lord. He said “Yes” to the call of Jesus and followed willingly wherever the Lord led him.

Whether you knew Jim for years or only minutes, you were touched by his humor, his intelligence, and his generosity. Jim was extremely passionate . . . about Jesus, studying and knowing Scripture, loving his family (and bragging on his kids and grandkids), and cheering for the Chicago Cubs. Jim cared about the purpose of his work, the people he was working alongside, and those who ultimately would read his work. Jim never ran out of ideas or energy, but he would take mental breaks, whipping out his harmonica to play a whimsical tune.

When Jesus began calling His disciples, His simple invitation was “Come, follow me.” They knew not where their decision to follow would take them, nor did they know the kind of sacrifices they would endure. However, in that moment, their lives changed—and history began to change too. So it is with Jim and with all of us who follow the Lord’s call. May Jim’s example of faithfulness to his calling be a challenge to us all.

  1. What place does your faith have in your reaction to news of a friend or loved one’s death? Does a sudden death such as Jim’s change the equation? Explain.
  2. When a person such as Jim is suddenly taken in the prime of life, some people might question God’s fairness. How do you answer them?
  3. How does the radical decision of the disciples to follow Jesus challenge you in answering His call in your life?

—Charles R. Boatman
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