In the World–March 22, 2020

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This month, as fears of COVID-19 spread across the world, violence against Asians has surged. Some people have taken to blaming Asian people indiscriminately. A man from Singapore was beaten on the streets of London, with the attackers crying, “We don’t want your coronavirus in our country.” Never mind that the man was not Chinese and hadn’t traveled to China. A Vietnamese art curator was uninvited from appearing on a panel at an exhibit. The organizers feared that her presence would indicate that anyone going inside would contract the virus. Fear leads to injustice and hate.


The prophet Micah witnessed atrocious injustice within Israel. Its leaders were apparently condoning violence and corruption against the people of God. Leaders miscarried justice for a bribe and prophets gave “good” fortunes for pay. And yet the leaders felt they remained under the blessing of God. Injustice will be punished by God, no matter who commits it. Micah warned them that if they wanted to avoid God’s wrath, they must turn back to carrying out God’s justice and walking humbly before Him.

  1. What fear have you or others felt because of the coronavirus?
  2. How have you or someone you know behaved irrationally because of fear?
  3. How can a good God punish His people for sin and utterly destroy their country?

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