In the World–March 29, 2020

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Every year, an organization calling itself Transparency International ranks nations in its Best Countries report. They rank 73 countries based on surveys from more than 20,000 global citizens, arranging countries on multiple categories, such as citizenship, adventure, and heritage. They also rank nations on a Corruption Perceptions Index, which gives negative scores for countries that encourage “the misuse of public power for private benefit.” This year’s index puts Columbia, Mexico, and Ghana as the three most corrupt nations in the world.


The Old Testament prophet Malachi brought God’s dire warning against the corrupt religious leaders of Judah. Instead of proclaiming truth and justice, the priests were perverting justice and showing partiality in matters of law. God said these legal experts were themselves going to be put on trial. He would swiftly bring justice against them if they did not remember the fear of the Lord and judge rightly.

  1. In what ways have you ever been tempted to misuse resources for private benefit?
  2. If you were ranked in a transparency survey, in what categories (such as kindness, forgiveness, etc.) would you rank high or low?
  3. In what situations have you been a good example for God? A not-so-good example?

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