In the World–March 8, 2020

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On January 15, 1980, Helene Pruszynski, a 21-year-old college coed, got off a bus in Colorado but never made it home. The next day, her body was found dumped in a field, having been stabbed to death. For forty years, the case was unsolvable, and justice could not prevail. But new technology and old-fashioned detective work led investigators to Helene’s killer. Last month, the man pleaded guilty to the crime. After a long, uncertain wait, during which most of Helene’s close relatives died, justice was finally done.


The prophet Habakkuk had to wait a long time for justice to be done, and he cried out to God to bring it about. He expressed amazement that God—the author of justice—refused to bring an end to the violence and injustice Habakkuk saw continually. In God’s forbearance, He sometimes withholds punishment of the wicked, and His people may have to endure the consequences of the delay. But His justice is sure, and the day of judgment is coming.

  1. What instance of injustice causes you to cry out to God?
  2. What example of justice being done causes you to thank God?
  3. Why do you think God doesn’t punish every wrongdoer as soon as he or she commits injustice?

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