In the World–May 24, 2020

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Last month, an orphanage for children with developmental disabilities in Belarus was hit hard by COVID-19. The conditions are so crowded that there is no ability to enforce social distancing. This resulted in dozens of infections among the staff and orphans. It has also made it difficult to recruit new staff. A Christian charity in Ireland, which supports the orphanage, issued an appeal to the public. The response was massive, and over $60,000 was raised. Money and supplies were donated by companies and individuals from around Ireland and beyond. Earlier this month, the charity shipped thousands of masks, gloves, gowns, hand sanitizer, and other personal protective equipment to the orphanage. It is good in the Lord’s eyes to care for the orphan and the marginalized.


The Lord commanded the prophet Jeremiah to go to the palace and urge the people to repent of their idolatry. He commanded the king to execute justice for the marginalized in the nation. If he did extend justice to the orphan and the widow, God promised to maintain the palace and the line of David in glory and security. But if the king miscarried justice against the weak and defenseless, God would send invaders who would bring the palace to ruin.

  1. What encounters have you had with orphans, foreigners, widows, and those who are marginalized?
  2. Who do you know who is currently being overlooked or forgotten by God’s people?
  3. How could you personally help bring justice to the weak and marginalized?

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