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Throughout history, people have used techniques such as curing, smoking, or drying to preserve meat and escape the corruption that would otherwise ruin it. Today we use freezing and refrigeration to stave off the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold. Yet this Thanksgiving, the US Department of Agriculture meat and poultry hotline will receive hundreds of calls from people worried that their turkey has spoiled or will make their guests sick. Even in our modern age, food spoilage is a lingering problem. We still have to watch out for things that corrupt—physically and spiritually.


Peter wrote to Christians who, like us, found themselves surrounded by all manner of corrupting influences. The world, our flesh, lust, and evil desires would work together to bring spoilage to us. So we must cultivate godly habits and emulate the example of Jesus. The Lord called Christians the salt of the earth, and one meaning of that is that salt preserves things that would otherwise go bad. Let us pursue the things that keep us fresh and unspoiled in the world.

  1. What are your best and worst Thanksgiving memories?
  2. In what ways do you see culture working to “spoil” Christians?
  3. What’s a godly habit you could develop that would help you and others escape the corruption of the world?

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